The displayed prices include the VAT (Value Added Tax). Published prices and  final ivoices are in Euro.
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Delivery is expected between 24h and 48h from the moment you place the order, by means of Speedy delivery service.
Delivery time is referred to the product's availability in the store.
from Kg 1 to Kg  5  8,60 euro
from Kg 6 to Kg  10  9,83 euro
from Kg 12 to Kg  20  11,88 euro
from Kg 22 to Kg 30  14,75 euro
from Kg 35 to Kg 50  18,03 euro
from Kg 55 to Kg 100  20,90 euro
from Kg 1 to Kg  5  11,06 euro
from Kg 6 to Kg  10  12,29 euro
from Kg 12 to Kg  20  14,34 euro
from Kg 22 to Kg 30  18,03 euro 
from Kg 35 to Kg 50  20,49 euro
from Kg 55 to Kg 100  24,18 euro
from Kg 1 to Kg  5  17,62 euro
from Kg 6 to Kg  10  18,85 euro
from Kg 12 to Kg  20  20,90 euro 
from Kg 22 to Kg 30  23,77 euro
from Kg 35 to Kg 50  27,04 euro 
from Kg 55 to Kg 100  29,91 euro
Free transport for orders greater than: 12 jars of 280 gr. or bigger.
Delivery through courier.
All the prices are displayed with the VAT included.



All the products provided by Frama s.r.l. does not contain any ingredients or additives resulting from genetically modified organisms, in respect of the rules 1829 and 1830 of the year 2003.
The packages used are conformed to the ministerial decree 21/03/1973 and the following modifications as per our providers declaration.
Every product is packed inside jars of glass sterilised in autoclave.



The transmission of payment's informations happens through safe standard and personal informations will be totally unreadable by third party.



Frama Srl, with its registered office in Via Stagnaccio Basso, 37/39, Scandicci (Fi), Italy-Provider of the products available on the site, could use the personal informations, provided deliberately by users, in respect of regulations : article 13 of italian law 196/2003. Users are invited to visit periodically this page, for basic informations of laws and regulations.
Frama Srl specifies that, while the use of personal informations is necessary for the execution of a required service, users are sure that the use of those informations will be used for the research profiling, but only to make easier the orders execution and the site management.
Personal data, provided deliberately by users, will be not divulgate to third party. Security measures in our site have the purpose of reducing the risk of entry or dispersion of data by who could cause a personal risk for the safety of our customers. For this reason, we suggest that every user of the site must be sure that the security software of the computer has up-to-date and connected to Internet through a reliable services provider.
Frama Srl has security measures to protect customers and their informations. Nevertheless, Frama Srl can not garantee that those safety measures will restrict all the risks of not authorised access to those informations. So, we recommended of surfing always on the site from a safe computer with an updated software that allows the safety of sensitive data (software antivirus) and that the provider Internet has the security standards for the safe transmission of data on Internet.
Frama Srl informs customers that they are protected by article 7 of italian law n.196/2003. Users have the right of demanding the following informations by Frama Srl:
- the confirmation of the existance of personal data related to user
- the clear communication of data and their origin
- the motivations and the purpose of their use
The informations request can be renovate with a range of ninty days, with exception of a right cause; the deletion, the transformation in anonymous form data, in case of laws violation, together with not viable data for the purposes for which they are collected.



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